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 Jones Media Publishing is a top-rated, veteran-led book publisher. Jeremy Jones is the founder and CEO, and he facilitates the Authority Coach Blueprint—a program designed to help coaches, consultants, speakers, and experts to develop and publish a bestselling book that gets speaking engagements and that provides the expert with a system to consistently acquire new clients with a book for the author.

Recognized by Google as a Highly-Rated Veteran-Led Business.

Jones Media Publishing

Your Ideal Reader

The first step of our strategy involves helping you use our unique, proven Book Buyer Intel® method to find your perfect readers.


We have a full team of professional book manuscript editors who can provide detailed developmental editing, substantive editing, and fastidious proofreading to hone your vision and polish your manuscript.

Typesetting & Layout

Our team of publishing layout designers creates a book of identical quality to traditional publishing houses. The look and feel of your book will be something you can be proud of forever.

Book Launch

We conduct a layered approach to your book launch—a combination of business strategy, book sales, media credibility, and more—to give your book the best start upon release.

Team Members

Published Experts

Bestselling authors in the last 12-months

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Our Story

We Developed This Process Because We Want to Empower Authors and Experts to Make A Greater Impact

We Developed This Process Because We Want to Empower Authors and Experts to Make a Greater Impact Our founder and CEO, Jeremy Jones, is a four-time bestselling author and one of the most sought-after speakers in Arizona. He developed his popular Authority Coach Blueprint® process in 2015. After providing private coaching to many industry experts, he heard time and time again of authors stripped of rights to their own book and publishers who paid only $1–2 in royalties per book, providing little to no support. After hearing several of these stories, he knew there had to be a better way.

Mr. Jones went on to publish and promote his book. He sold over 2,200 books within the first month of its release, and he developed a step-by-step model for other authors to do the same. With this model and our publishing standards, our authors earn up to $9 in royalties per book sale.



Meet The Executive Team

Jeremy Jones

Founder & CEO

Jeremy is a four-time bestselling author. He hosts a popular podcast where he has featured and interviewed over 170+ experts and authors.

Claudia jones

VP of Production

Claudia Jones is a highly skilled graphic designer. She has worked in the publishing and printing industry for over fifteen years.


Meet The Support Team

Nick S.

Project Editor

Nick provides an outstanding perspective on consistency, flow, and quality. Whatever the state of your manuscript, he will ensure that your book can bear the scrutiny of any reader.

rafael p.

Literary Agent

With a passion for helping experts reach their ideal clients.

Rafael is highly motivated and resourceful to all of our book publishing candidates.

Oliver S.

Graphic Design

His dedication to personal grown and learning makes him a keen to the latest design styles and methods for experts with a specialty and contributes a detailed an high-quality design perspective.

Amanda B.


We interview, train, and work with the best in the industry. Amanda has an extremely detailed eye to make sure every book manuscript is polished.

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We offer a no-obligation, no-cost Book Strategy Session with each qualifying candidate. We explore your book idea and share how our model and publishing process could grow your business and how you could become our next highly respected published author.

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Through the writing process, it is vitally important to establish a strong foundation for your book and your Expert Platform. This is why we’ve developed a library of material and training to help meet the needs of writing a successful book.