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Jones Media Publishing

Publishing House Quality.

We provide assisted self-publishing, which means we don't take any royalties for your book...we provide all the resources and help navigate you through the self-publishing process.

Self-Publishing is sometimes known for poor quality because people try to do things on their own.  The alternative is to submit your work to a publishing house, this is a good option for some however a difficult path.  When submitting your work to a publisher it may take 12-18 months in order to find out if your work is acceptable.  

When you self-publish there are a variety of people you'll need to hire in order to get your book created, packaged and released.  We help handle all the parts of the machine while your role is to put all your best ideas into your book, without all the hastle of finding people to hire.

We've developed a process we call Your Book Blueprint, it covers everything you need for a non-fiction, one topic, high-quality book.  This includes everything you need from Idea to Book in your hand in about 90 days.

Your Book Blueprint


First we take your idea, protect it with the highest level of privacy and help you with research, writing and editing.


In order to create a publishing house quality you need to properly package your book so it looks great.  We bring publishing house quality to self-publishing.


We help you create a successful release for your book, commonly known as a Book Launch so you get off to a great start.


Jeremy C. Jones, Co-Founder

Jeremy hosts a popular podcast where he features and promotes non-fiction authors.  He founded Jones Media Publishing with over 15 years in digital media and direct response marketing experience to help authors simplify the self-publishing process to get their ideas out as soon as possible with the best results.

Claudia Jones, Co-Founder

Claudia Jones is a highly skilled graphic designer and has worked in the publishing and printing industry for over 15 years prior to Co-Fouding Jones Media Publishing. She specializes in editorial design media including electronic and print book design, newspaper publications, and magazine design.

What Our Clients Say

"Jeremy was referred to me by a trusted friend and I am grateful for the introduction. Jeremy helped coach me through the entire process of launching my first book. He is a great communicator and was able to take a process that can be overwhelming and break it down into simple steps that led to an outcome that I'm very pleased with. I would recommend Jeremy's work to anyone."

Jason Kerrick, Banking

"Jeremy is an expert in the fields of on-line media publishing and internet marketing. He recently helped us write and publish an eBook to use as a lead generation tool on our website. The eBook was a success and we couldn't have produced it with out him. His expertise in on-line publishing, writing, and SEO is phenominal. I highly recemmend Jeremy and will use him again for our next publishing project."

Bob Day, Day Marketing Solutions

"Jeremy has interviewed several of my company clients on his popular radio show. We always reach out to Jeremy to help promote our clients books and products because we know he always goes the extra mile! In publicity it is important to have great contacts and we consider Jeremy one of them!"

Michelle Colon-Johnson, 2 Dream Productions, Inc.

What Makes Us Different

Many other assisted self-publishing companies or hybrid-publishing companies treat the author like a number, just another idea that is submitted to them.  We believe our clients should have the freedom to publish their ideas if they believe in them.  

You've got great ideas, get published.

Writing a Non-Fiction Book?

We’re looking forward to meeting you and discussing the options available to self-publish your book idea. Your consultation will be confidential and you are under no obligation to retain our services. Before you get a consultation, download our complimentary two-page guide to help you avoid one major mistake that most self-published authors make when writing their book.

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