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Our specialty is working with established coaches, consultants, speakers, and experts to help write, publish, and promote your book from start to finish. 

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80% of the books we publish are non-fiction (for experts). 20% are fiction (imaginary events and people).

We publish books for experts

Our Unique Process


We take your idea and protect it with the highest level of privacy. We provide you with writing coaching and editing support to connect you with your perfect reader.


To create publishing house quality, we properly package your book so it looks excellent. From the book cover to the weight of the book, you’ll be able to feel the quality.


eBook Launch

Our model helps you to create a successful book and e-book release so that you get off to a great start. Our proven process has helped dozens of authors reach #1 bestseller on Amazon.


Business Strategy

Our methods not only get you a high quality book published but also build a system for you to get speaking engagements and acquire more clients.

who do you want to impact?

Let’s Find Your Ideal Readers

What good is publishing a book if it can’t reach your perfect client, or your ideal reader? We tailor our proven step-by-step approach to clearly target your ideal readers online. Our unique process explores Amazon keyword search volume, which tells us your book will be successful before it even launches. We take the tech and the complications out of book publishing to build your expert platform.

Proven method and process

Get Everything You Need From Start to Launch

Most of our ideal clients come to us for three primary reasons: (1) to make an impact and to share a story or message, (2) to get a foot in the door for speaking engagements, or to develop a proven plan to get clients consistently, and (3) to gain authority and credibility and to become a highly respected published author. Whether it’s (1), (2), or (3), you’ve come to the right place.

"I have used and can highly recommend the services of Jeremy Jones/Jones Publishing. I've just finished my first book, and as someone who has never done this before, I found his services to be exceptionally helpful."

Mark Stanley, Consultant and Speaker

"Jones Media Publishing and the entire team provided tools to assist and guide me through every aspect of writing and then preparing for the publishing phase. Whether you have written before or it's your first time, you will benefit from their process and experience. I highly recommend them to you. Do it now. What are you waiting for?"

Mike Derryberry, CEO and Speaker

"I highly recommend Jeremy and his team. Writing and publishing a book requires many steps, and Jeremy guided me entirely through the process. He provided support, was accessible, and just an overall pleasure to work with."

Ken Valla, Coach, Trainer, and Speaker


Reach audiences and build an expert platform

Gain Speaking Engagements and Reach New Audiences Not Possible Before…

We not only help our clients write, publish, and promote a book they are extremely proud of long term but, we help each one of our clients build a systematic process to get speaking engagements with your new book, and acquire new clients consistently. It’s more than a book, it’s your platform.

Built for all devices

Full Customization

World Class Support

User Profiles

Robust Documentation

Built In Analytics

Let’s Discuss Your Book

Many people think it might be “too early” to speak with a publisher—however, most of our clients tell us how thankful they are to start a conversation with our support team early, to properly structure the book with a planned book promotion in mind. If you are starting with only a desire to author a book and a compelling idea, or you’ve already started writing . . . contact us below to speak with one of our literary agents today to schedule a Free Book Strategy Session.