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Our Unique Process:
Phase #1: CREATE
First we take your idea, protect it with the highest level of privacy and help you with research, writing and editing to target and market to your ideal reader.
Phase #2: PACKAGE
In order to create a publishing house quality you need to properly package your book so it looks great. We bring publishing house quality to self-publishing.
Phase #3: RELEASE
We help you create a successful release for your book, commonly known as a Book Launch so you get off to a great start. Our proven process has helped dozens of authors hit #1 bestseller.
Our Team:
Jeremy C. Jones
Co-Founder and CEO

Jeremy hosts a popular podcast where he has featured and interviewed over 110+ non-fiction authors. He founded Jones Media Publishing with over 15 years in digital media and direct response marketing experience to help authors simplify the self-publishing process to get their ideas out as soon as possible with the best results.
Claudia Jones
Co-Founder and Creative Director

Claudia Jones is a highly skilled graphic designer and has worked in the publishing and printing industry for over 15 years prior to Co-Fouding Jones Media Publishing. She specializes in editorial design media including electronic and print book design, newspaper publications, and magazine design.
Amanda B.
Editing and Proofreading

We interview, train, and work with the best in the industry. Amanda has an extremely detailed eye to make sure every book manuscript is typo-free before it gets published.
Tara M.
Developmental Editing and Creative Writing Coach

We interview, train, and work with the best in the industry. Tara provides an outstanding perspective on consistency, flow, and quality to be sure our books are top notch before getting published.
Oliver B.
Advanced Graphic Designer

We interview, train, and work with the best in the industry. Oliver designs industry leading graphics based on the latest trends, depending on the book category. Sharp, crisp and clean every time.
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It's not easy to self-publish when you go at it alone. In this bestselling book you'll discover the strategies of 30-years combined knowledge in the publishing and book marketing industry what it really takes to make your book a success.  When you apply for a "Get Published" Strategy Session, get a complimentary copy of this book after your call, as a free gift for requesting a 30-minute Strategy Session.
What People Are Saying:
“I was able to learn about the entire process of releasing a book. He gave me the tools to keep the buzz alive and the opportunity a float!” 
- Zach Hall, 
Sports Entertainment
and Speaker
"I highly recommend Jones Media Publishing. This was my first book and they helped me every step of the way! Jeremy was also available to answer my questions throughout the process.”
- Paola Tinoco,
“Thank You for helping me publish my first book. A short time later I was able to sign a contract with a few store to sell. The experience has been a great success!”
- Dr. Tom Padilla,
Physical Therapist and Coach
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